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Leased Line FAQ

A leased line gives you a private and secure uncontended data connection. This means that you do not have to compete for bandwidth with other users as on an uncontended network.

  1. Point-to-point line which offers a direct connection between two geographical locations, the cost of which increases with the distance between them,
  2. Internet Connection which gives you direct access to the internet

There are two speed categories for leased lines:

  1. Standard copper or FTTC lines (EFM/GEA) which support:
    • 2Mbps - 35Mbps symmetric speeds uncontended
    • 1-20 Users
    • 99.95% service availability
    • Faults fixed within 7 hours
  2. Ethernet Fibre lines which support:
    • 2Mbps - 10Gbps symmetric speeds uncontended
    • 1-100+ users
    • 100% service availability
    • Faults fixed within 5 hours

There is not a standard pricing for leased lines as they are dependant on the distance involved amongst other things. Please contact us for more information.