Shetland Broadband

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Shetland Broadband Design and Engineering Support Services

Shetland Broadband have expertise in many IT design and support services including radio and line data transmission, wide and local networking, fibre optic cable provision, Wi-Fi networks etc. Shetland Broadband works closely with other local companies to provide comprehensive solutions.
Wi-Fi Networks
Shetland Broadband has extensive experience in the design, installation and operation of Wi-Fi networks including:
  • Hotels and airport terminals.
  • Public buildings, open areas and events.
  • Work camps with up to 800 residents.
  • Accommodation ships and barges.
  • Construction sites and temporary site offices etc.
Network Design
Shetland Broadband can offer consultancy and advice on broadband network design and implementation. Services include assistance in preparation of network planning and grant applications for community broadband projects.
Telecoms Engineering
Shetland Broadband along with their partners can provide:
  • Servicing and installation of radio communications equipment.
  • Servicing of remote power systems and battery testing.
  • Antennae replacement and alignment, with qualified mast climbers available.