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Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)


Shetland Broadband are now able to offer line rental at competitive rates.

Calloo PSTN Phone Line Rental

These charges apply on a monthly basis for the rental of lines and are inclusive of VAT.

Line Type Cost
Residential PSTN Line Rental £13.50
Business PSTN Line Rental £15.00
PSTN Multi-Line Rental (main line) £15.00
PSTN Multi-Line Rental (aux) £15.00
Caller Display £1.50
Call Minder (Basic) £3.50
Remote Call Forward PSTN Line Rental £15.80

Residential PSTN lines are single basic phone sockets with care level 1 as standard. This line type can support broadband.

Business PSTN lines must be installed if the premises is a commercial property. They differ from residential lines in as much as Openreach will respond to faults and installations as a priority over residential lines. They also have Care Level 2 by default which ensures priority and extended hours of support. This line type can support broadband

PSTN Multi-Line Rental (main line), this is the first line in a multi-line. A multi-line is linked by one phone number, however it can support multiple simultaneous calls via multiple sockets. This line CANNOT support broadband.

PSTN Multi-Line Rental (aux) this is the rental cost for additional lines within a multi-line.

Call Minder is the multi-feature answering service that lets you retrieve messages from any phone, anywhere. If you miss a call because you're on the phone or Internet, Call Minder will take a message and ring you shortly after you've hung up or logged off and tell you that you have a message.

Remote call forwarding is when an end user ceases service and takes up service elsewhere, or has a line renumbered, Remote Call Forward (RCF) can be used to divert calls to an alternative number.

PSTN Phone Line Transfer Charges

These one-off charges apply when an existing line is transferred to us from an existing provider and are inclusive of VAT.

Line Type Cost
Residential PSTN Line Transfer Free
Business PSTN Line Transfer Free
LLU Transfer to Residential PSTN Line £60.00
LLU Transfer to Business PSTN Line £60.00
PSTN Multi-line Transfer £60.00
Conversion of Line Type (Multi-Line to Residential PSTN) £130.00
New PSTN Line Installation

These one-off charges apply when a new line is installed and are inclusive of VAT.

Line Type Cost
Residential PSTN New Line Installation £130.00
Business PSTN New Line Installation £130.00
PSTN Multi-Line Installation (main line) £130.00
PSTN Multi-Line Installation (aux) £130.00
Restart Stopped PSTN £60.00
Restart Stopped LLU (Residential PSTN) £60.00
Restart Stopped LLU (Business PSTN) £60.00
Order Cancellation £18.00