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Telephone Line FAQ

  • Residential PSTN lines
    These lines can only be installed into Residential properties. They are the most basic line we can provide with a line box installed on the wall. This is capable of supporting an ADSL broadband connection.
  • Business PSTN lines
    Business PSTN lines don't physically differ from a residential line, but they have a number of unique benefits including:
    • Ability to have a line box installation or NTTP connection. A residential line will only present the option for a line box. Business PSTN line faults and installation appointments are given priority over residential users. You can have a business directory enquiries listing
    • We are often asked whether it is imperative to install a business PSTN line for a business. The answer is very simple: If the installation address is a business premises (such as a shop or an office), then your only option is to order a business PSTN line. If however you are a small business, operating from a residential premises, you can choose to select a residential PSTN line, however you won't necessarily benefit from features listed above.
    ADSL broadband can be installed on our Business PSTN lines.
  • PSTN Multi-Line Rental
    A multi-line allows you to connect multiple PSTN line boxes to one number. This can present a cheaper and more flexible solution to an ISDN 2 or ISDN 30. Incoming calls to a multi-line will ring the phone attached to the first socket. Should the line be in use, the second socket will ring and so forth. This line arrangement is best used in conjunction with a PBX phone system.

    It is not possible to install ADSL broadband on a PSTN Multi-line.

  • Leased Line Rental
    Please refer to the Leased Line FAQ.

The public switched telephone network (PSTN) refers to the international telephone system that uses copper wires to carry analog voice data. It consists of a collection of individual telephones that are hardwired to a public exchange.