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Domain Names from Shetland Broadband


Shetland Broadband can register and administer domain names on behalf of clients. New domain names can be registered directly and existing domains can be transferred to our care for administration. Shetland Broadband can also provide services for a domain name including web hosting and e-mail with either in house services or forwarding.

Sub-domains of and are available exclusively from Shetland Broadband.

UK Domain Names

Domain names available for the .uk Top Level Domain (TLD)

SLD Uses Cost
.ukBusiness and individuals£7.50
.org.ukNon-profit organisations£7.50
.ltd.ukLimited companies only£7.50
.plc.ukPublic limited companies only£7.50
.net.ukInternet service providers only£7.50
.sch.ukSchools only£7.50
Nominet terms and conditions
Generic Domain Names

Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD) available

SLD Uses Cost
.orgPrimarily for non-commercial organisations£18.50
.netInternet infrastructure activities£18.50
.bizBusiness use only£18.50
(Note: .scot is a gTLD and NOT a ccTLD)
Member of Nominet
Shetland Domain Name Package available exclusively from Shetland Broadband with web site, e-mail and hosting included free of charge

NOTE: The availability and use of these domains is subject to conditions, please read them here.

SLD Uses Cost
List of Domain extensions Available

Since deregulation there are now hundreds of new domain names to choose from, you can view most of those which Shetland Broadband can register on the drop down list below. Prices do vary considerably and some require the registrant to fulfill certain conditions. Should you see any which interest you please contact us for more details. Note that some included may be already fully listed on this page.