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"" and "" is a ".uk" SLD (Second Level Domain) registered to Shetland Broadband LLP, over which they have complete control subject to the terms and conditions of Nominet, the UK domain name registry (of which Shetland Broadband LLP is a member).

A sub-domain is a further step down the DNS (Domain Name System) hierarchy which allows another layer of addresses to be used, for example "".

Shetland Broadband LLP will at it's sole discretion will licence such a sub-domain to users of qualifying services provided by them. The licence is subject to the terms and conditions detailed below.

Terms and Conditions of Licence of ‘shetland’ Sub-domains
Note: For these terms and conditions a "shetland" sub-domain refers to "" and "" sub-domains.
  1. These Conditions of Use apply to "shetland" sub-domains, irrespective of the place of issue. They may be revised at any time and without notice at the sole discretion of Shetland Broadband LLP. The use of a "shetland" sub-domain is taken as an agreement by the licensee to adhere to the current licence Conditions.
  2. SBB has sole discretion on the use of "shetland" sub-domains and retains ownership of them at all times as the legal registrant of the "shetland" domain.
  3. To be considered for a licence the user must subscribe to a qualifying service provided by Shetland Broadband LLP (see item 4) and be either:

    • An individual resident in Shetland or with strong Shetland connections.
    • An organisation operating in Shetland.
    • An organisation outwith Shetland with an input to the Shetland community.
    • A business operating in Shetland.
    • A business outwith Shetland contributing to the Shetland economy.
  4. Services supplied by SBB (including Shetland Internet and Calloo) with which a "shetland" sub-domain can be used are:

  5. Scope of licence for a "shetland" sub-domain:

    • Anyone who qualifies for a "shetland" sub-domain licence may register a "" sub-domain or a "" sub-domain or even both.
    • Please note that a "" sub-domain and the equivalent "" sub-domain are separate registrations. Additional sub-domain registrations are chargeable at the current rate.
    • Anyone registering a "" sub-domain before 31st. December 2015 who would rather change to a "" sub-domain please contact us for details.
    • The licence for a "shetland" sub-domains guarantees the rights to both the "" sub-domain and the "" sub-domain even if they do not wish to register both types.
  6. A licence can not be transferred to any other individual, body or business without the express permission of Shetland Broadband LLP.
  7. SBB will terminate a licence if the licensee obtains or attempts to obtain remuneration from any other body by re-selling the sub-domain as a product or part of any service.
  8. SBB may at it's discretion terminate a licence at any time if the licensee has broken any terms, conditions of the licence or acceptable use policies which relate to either the use of a "shetland" sub-domain or the service on which it is used.
  9. SBB will terminate a licence if the account with which it is associated is ceased for non payment or any other reason. In the case of a Shetland Internet or a Calloo subscription free dial-up account it will be considered as ceased if it (the dial-up) is not used for a period of thirty consecutive days.
  10. SBB may licence to another body any sub-domain for which an earlier licence has been terminated after a minimum period of thirty days from that termination.
  11. If for any reason or at any time the "shetland" becomes no longer available for use by Shetland Broadband LLP, then SBB will not be responsible in any way for any loss incurred by the user of a "shetland" sub-domain. In this event any licences supplied by SBB will be withdrawn.
  12. Licensees must monitor their mailbox provided for use with their sub-domain. Shetland Broadband LLP will use this mailbox as the delivery point for important information on the operation of the account. Shetland Broadband LLP will not be responsible for any loss of service or licence due to the licensee not collecting such e-mails.
  13. Licences issued free of charge are only available for use with the account to which they are associated.
  14. Licences are not transferable without the permission of SBB.
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"SBB" is an abbreviation of "Shetland Broadband LLP" (and also refers to Shetland Internet and Calloo Internet).

"SCBP" is an abbreviation of "Shetland Community Broadband Project".

"Account" means any package of services SBB provides to you (the customer), irrespective of whether they are paid for or free.

"AUP" refers to the Acceptable Use Policies of SBB.

"Broadband" is the collective term for a method of connection to the internet such as ADSL, fibre, radio etc..

"Customer" refers to an individual, organisation or business who is named as the recipient of a service or product provided by SBB, irrespective of whether they are paid for or free.

"Free" means that SBB do not currently make any charges to the customer for the service.

"Licence" refers to the permission given to a customer by SBB to use a named sub-domain of a domain registered to SBB eg "" and "".

"Licensee" refers to an individual, organisation or business to whom SBB has granted a licence.

"Malware" is an umbrella term used to refer to a variety of forms of hostile or intrusive software, including computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, ransomware, spyware, adware, scareware, and other malicious programs. It can take the form of executable code, scripts, active content, and other software.

"Net abuse" means any breach of SBB's Acceptable Use Policies

"Free web space" refers to web space given without charge by SBB to a customer for use with another SBB service. The free web space is conditional and only available for the duration of that account.

"Poster" means the author of the unacceptable article(s). This may or may not be the same as the customer, however, customers are ultimately responsible for all poster(s) using their accounts.